Something Happened in Delanggu Station

That day was a great day. The sun shone brightly. I wanted to go to the rail station accompanying a friend to hunt some photos for her photography assignment.

Before going to the rail station we bought some drinks and burgers. We sit at the edge of railway. We had a so much chit-chat, actually not something important. We talked about people whom we like and people whom we hate. We also enjoyed the fresh breeze.




Suddenly, my friend shouted to me in Javanese “Lisa awas mburi mu!”. I turned back my head. I saw a strange person trying to grab me. Reflect I screamed as loud as I can “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” then ran far away from him. My friend also screamed and ran away. The strange man then yelled at us “Wooo wedhus, wedhus, wedhus!”


After that man was far away. We laughed loudly, very loudly. Wkwkwkwkwkwk. Don’t know what the hell was going on.